Project 2

Overall Goal: To create and fly a model jet.

Due to the 3d printer being occupied we could not complete this task. We did, however Model and research a jet. We researched aerodynamics, surveyed the class, and in the end almost had a completed product. This was, in my opinion, not a failure. Although we did not complete the task, we learned a lot. If we had enough time and money, we might have a good product on our hands. 


Technology Criterion A: Inquiring and Analysing

Goal:  Inquiring and analysing Operation Jet

Objective: Explain and justify the need

Task: Research the need for new jet design (Link)

Task: Research needed features in jets that might be needed (Link)

Task: Analyze most likely dangers of jet flight

Objective: Identify and prioritize the research

Task: Research aerodynamics (Link)

Task: Research solutions for likely dangers of jet flight (Link)

Task: Research needed propulsion for flight   (Link)

Objective: Analyze existing products

Task: Analyze and replicate successful jet models (Link) & (Link)

Task: Research strengths (See links above this one)

Task: Construct a research paper (Link)

Objective: Develop a design brief

Task: Research how to make a design brief

Task: Analyze existing design briefs

Task: Develop a design brief


Technology Criterion B: Developing Ideas

Goal:  Developing ideas for Operation Jet

Objective: Develop a design specification

Task: Research design specifications

Task: Analyze existing design specifications

Task: Design a design specification

Objective: Develop design ideas

Task: Develop a bullet list of possible features in the jet(Link)

Task: Design a one model

Task: Evaluate model

Objective: Present a chosen design

Task: Enrich chosen model, add detail.

Task: Self evaluate

Task: Present to other classmates/teacher

Objective: Develop planning drawings and designs

Task: Develop blueprints (Link)

Task: Research more possible designs and drawings

Task: Construct designs and drawings for designing a Jet that we researched


Technology Criterion C: Creating the Solution

Goal:  Creating the solution for Operation Jet

Objective: Construct a logical plan

Task: Construct a daily agenda

Task: Research effective ways to stay on schedule

Task: Design a daily procedure

Objective: Demonstrate technical skills

Task: Post model to the internet

Task: Present model to other classmates

Task: Construct a video showcase of our model

Objective: Follow the plan to make the solution

Task: Follow daily agenda

Task: Follow the daily procedure

Task: Analyze time obstacles,  adjust daily agenda/daily procedure accordingly

Objective: Justify changes made to the plan

Task: Document changes made

Task: Justify changes by putting it in personal portfolio.

Task: Construct a “problems and obstacles” section to personal portfolio


Technology Criterion D: Evaluating

Goal:  Evaluating for Operation Jet

Objective: Design testing methods

Task: Test Jet by Catapulting it

Task: Research effective testing methods

Task: Construct testing methods based on research

Objective: Evaluate the success of the solution

Task: Self evaluate

Task: Question classmates about success of the solution  

Task: Analyze comments on 3d model we posted

Objective: Explain how the solution could be improved

Task: Develop an improvement paper

Task: Present project to classmates

Task: Evaluate from their responses

Objective: Explain the impact of the solution

Task: Explain importance of jet safety, and what improvements we put onto it

Task: Present catapult testing results in a google presentation

Task: Present showcase trailer of jet online.