Project 1

Overall Goal: To make a stop motion PSA about lab safety

Unfortunately we did not finish this project, on tim but we got really close to it. I had to drag each individual photo in one by one, and I just couldn't finish in the slim 2 days I had to finish editing the project. It was a lot of fun to make and It is unfortunate that we did not finish it on time.


Inquiring and Analysis

Goal: Inquire and Analyze Honey I turned the kid into a mini figure

    Objective: Explain and Justify the need

        Task: Explain dangers of lab safety

        Task: Justify with movie

        Task: Explain the need for avoiding dangers

    Objective: Identify and Prioritize the research

        Task: Research plot  structure (Link)

Task: Research chemicals that can be harmful to humans (Link)

        Task: Research lego animation (Link)

    Objective: Analyse existing products

        Task: Analyse chemicals to find out how dangerous they are

        Task: Analyse minifigures and which ones fit our characters best    

        Task: Analyse lego animation, get examples (Link)

    Objective: Develop a Design Brief

        Task: Research what a design brief is (Link)

        Task: Create a design brief (Link)

        Task: Share the design with others when we are done with the design



Developing Ideas

Goal: Develop Ideas for Honey I Turned the Kid Into a Minifigure    

Objective: Develop a Design Specification

        Task: Build sets and minifigures

        Task: Create a equipment list (equipment needed for project)

        Task: Design a daily plan (what scenes to do on what day)

Objective: Develop Design Ideas

        Task: Design a storyboard (Link)

        Task: Write as many ideas for conflict/plot on a paper (brain blurb)

        Task: Research and design minifigures

Objective: Present the Chosen Design

        Task: Present plot to class

        Task: Confront an editor, to go over our script

        Task: Survey others for opinions on pacing

Objective: Develop planning drawings or diagrams

        Task: Develop a Storyboard (Link)

        Task: Develop Plot web

        Task: Create cause and effect diagram



Creating the Solution

Goal: Create a Solution for Honey I Turned the Kid Into a Minifigure        

Objective: Construct a Plan

        Task: Script for minifigures and humans

        Task: Research effective ways to plan movie shots.

        Task: Construct a Daily Agenda

Objective: Demonstrate technical Skills

        Task: Research technical film terms

        Task: Research facts about chemicals

        Task: Explain harms of labs (needed for movie)

Objective: Follow the plan to make a solution

        Task: Follow  the daily agenda

        Task: Maintain what the script says as much as possible

        Task:  Follow the storyboards

Objective: Justify changes made to the plan

Task: Justify changes by adding check marks per scene we need to reshoot

        Task: Justify changes by add a comment on google drive to anything we change.    

        Task: Justify changes by having a list of shots that we changed on drive    




Goal: Evaluate Honey I Turned the Kid Into a Minifigure        

Objective: Explain the Impact of the solution

        Task: Explain it through movie

        Task: Promote movie by posting on youtube

        Task: Present in front of class (if there is time)

Objective: Explain how the solution can be Improved

        Task: Explain improvements through a self evaluation sheet

        Task: Organize  group discussion on how we could have done better

        Task: Collect audience feedback

Objective: Evaluate the success of the solution

        Task: Analyze how many views it gets

        Task: Analyze the like:dislike ratio

        Task:  Determine how successful the project is through a survey

Objective: Design testing methods

        Task: Design a behind the scenes video

        Task: Design a training course

        Task: Create an exam about lab safety