Project 3

Overall goal: To make a video about the silk road

This Project was a struggle because of all of the seemingly unnecessary obstacles that we forced upon ourselves. In the beginning our goal was to make a documentary type video about the silk road. It was simple. To the point. What we ended up doing was writing a six page script involving an lost adventurer who performs karate and other things. We did do legitimate research on the silk road, we included several references to real life but never really accomplished what our original goal which was creating a documentary. In fact our script was so long that we couldn't finish it in the 3 classes, and a trip to Eamon's house. We shot the beginning scene, a scene where our main character confronts some fierce foes, and a third of the final scene. We couldn't finish it probably even if we had 8 class days and 3 days at each others houses. But we did take a few pictures. Enjoy.